WDM Watch List

Standout leader from the community featured each month

Meet Josh Gummert, 2021 YP of the Year.

Growing up in LeGrand, Iowa, Josh Gummert attended a small school near East Marshall. After high school, Josh attended The University of Iowa where he originally majored Pre-Med, but his passion for finance and math led him to pursue Economics. Josh’s love for banking began when he was young. He would go to the bank with his dad every Saturday morning, where his dad would explain the ins and outs of personal banking. These conversations have come full circle as Josh is currently Assistant Branch Manager at… READ MORE

Meet Logan Reisinger.

Born & raised in the small town of Aplington, IA, Logan attended Aplington-Parkersburg High School where he formed his life motto “believe”. While in elementary school, Parkersburg was hit by an EF5 tornado and he was able to see an entire community respond and believe there would be better days ahead. This single experience played a huge role in shaping who Logan is today. It taught him if you just believe and take things one step at a time, good things will come… READ MORE

Meet MacKenzie Veldman.

Born and raised in Spirit Lake, you can often find MacKenzie Veldman venturing back to her hometown to spend time on the lake. MacKenzie was raised in an entrepreneurial family where both of her parents owned their own businesses, which eventually led her to major in Financial Counseling and Planning at Iowa State University. Mackenzie chose this major because it allows her to have the best of both worlds between education and business.  The ability to educate individuals… READ MORE

Meet Jake Kirpes.

A University of Iowa graduate with degrees in both industrial engineering and finance, Jacob has always enjoyed strategy, creating change and embracing innovation. He also went on to get his Masters in Engineering at Iowa State University. Jacob excels at working with business owners, their leaders, and organizations to identify, develop and convert what matters most to them… READ MORE

Meet Gretchen Schrock.

Born and raised in Western Illinois on a small family Farm, Gretchen found her way to Iowa by attending Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!). She studied Agronomy and actually worked in that industry fresh out of college. Gretchen found her way to insurance as she quickly realized she wanted to be a valuable resource for small business owners and families. In her previous work she was managing and onboarding subcontractors and was shocked at… READ MORE

Meet Jordan Bouslog.

After being born and raised in Urbandale, Jordan took his University of Northern Iowa degree of Management, Real Estate and Finance right back to Central Iowa to launch his career. He is a Commercial Real Estate Broker at Cushman & Wakefield Iowa Commercial Advisors. Jordan just completed the WDM Leadership Academy among a class of exceptional leaders. During a year when most people were trying to just get by, Jordan and his peers pushed through more than 80 hours of development to better themselves… READ MORE

Meet Tom Florian.

We are excited for this month’s very special feature of the “WDM Watch List.” Tom is an experienced marketer successfully building relationships with sponsors and brand partners, creating social media and digital network content, generating revenue, and increasing attendance & viewership.

He has spent the last 3 and a half years as… READ MORE


Meet Britton Klomstad.

Britton is Iowa born and bred, moving to Des Moines at two years old. After graduating from Valley High School and then earning a degree in Finance from Iowa State University, he chose to launch his career in West Des Moines.

Britton is a Commercial Real Estate Associate Advisor at SVN | CREATE. Growing up here exposed Britton to the knowledge and expertise of the area and surrounding suburbs at an early age, which gives him a competitive edge in… READ MORE

Meet Claire Muselman.

Everyone in the WDM Leadership Academy presents a “Time to Shine” about themselves, but Claire took shine to a whole new level. 

Her sparkling bodysuit, mask, and cookies coordinate perfectly with her bright personality. 

Passionate, fearless, and insightful are three other words that… READ MORE