Bizucation: Career Skills that Work!

Several years ago, the city commissioned Rebecca Ryan, founder of Next Generation Consulting, to look 20 years down the road and forecast what WDM could become. The site of her periscope saw far and predicted much forward thinking. It may have been more like a kaleidoscope because when all the colorful pieces spilled together into the 2036 Plan, the vision was panoramic. Ryan’s 2036 Plan identifies six strategies WDM must employ to achieve greater significance as a city.   The fifth strategy is to develop, retain and attract the world’s best workforce. What’s our vision for that last strategy? How does this sound: “We’re buzzing with global talent, innovation and really ambitious kids.”?

Our measurements for success?

  • More national merit scholars than Palo Alto
  • More patents per capita than Boston
  • Recession proof economy because of diversity and workers in high-growth industries.

In 20 years….

Ryan concludes the report by stressing that in the workforce strategy is where the “leap frog” moments will happen…where WDM will jump from being a good midwestern community to a great North American city.


Our leaping-off point begins with BIZUCATION.

Bizucation: Career Skills that Work! is a partnership between business and education; a link between the West Des Moines Chamber and West Des Moines Community Schools.

Connect with us to learn more about:

  • Bizucation in the classroom with business and industry representatives sharing insights into work in the real world
  • Mentorships between students and business/community leaders
  • Externships for students- shadowing and working in a workplace environment.
  • Internships for students through the Collaborative Field Experience program

Teaching and Learning Services Department
Shane Scott, Ed. S., Curriculum Director

Project Based Learning
Justin Miller, Thought Partner & Business Liaison

Collaborative Field Experience
Mark Verbrugge, Coordinator

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