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 Meet Morgan Hurd.

West YP is proud to have our member, Morgan Hurd, be selected as the August West Des Moines Watch List standout leader. One of her favorite things about West Des Moines is the number of things there are to do and how it’s a growing community. She is also an active member of West YP. “I love the wide variety of topics West YP events cover and how they are all designed to build knowledge and encourage growth. Not only that but being a part of West YP is a great opportunity to meet and support other young professionals in a super welcoming environment.” 

Morgan is the Business and Project Development Manager at Lee Chamberlin Consultant Engineers. “I enjoy being able to use my versatility and problem-solving skills to benefit my company, and I appreciate having the freedom that LEE Chamberlin has given me to create my own role and run with it,” Hurd said. She works with so many different aspects of the business, including defining the brand, building models to create project visuals, networking, and dealing with business development and analytics, to name a few. “My job allows me to pave my own way, push my comfort zone, and grow as a person. And even though it’s not what I went to school for, I enjoy making an impact on this business and taking on any new challenges or problems thrown my way.” She said.

Morgan grew up on a farm outside of Newell, Iowa. She graduated from Iowa State University in Spring 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Morgan is an artist outside of her professional life! She loves drawing with pen, ink, and graphite. “There isn’t anywhere where you can see my work…yet. But I’m working on it!” She states. She also loves coffee and playing the piano from time to time.

Her life motto is “It is what it is,” as well as “be genuine and keep moving forward.” “For me, these apply to so many things – mistakes, setbacks, solving problems, completing projects, personal and professional relationships, etc. Something bad happens in life or work? It is what it is, now move forward, learn, and grow from it. Something good happens? Even better. Keep going and build on that.”

We are so lucky to have you a part of our community, Morgan!

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