515 West | #GoWestWDM

Share what makes West Des Moines special! Whenever or wherever you find yourself in WDM, be sure to use #GoWestWDM to be featured on our social media wall below!

West Des Moines is the BEST Des Moines! We appreciate you taking a moment to learn more about the place we call home. As you flip through 515 West, we hope you’ll fall in love with everything that makes WDM special. It is our goal to create the most welcoming, inclusive, and accessible city to live, work, and play. We look forward to sharing our City with you and can’t wait for you to GO WEST!

Want a physical copy for yourself or a stack for your business?

If you live or work within 25 miles of West Des Moines, contact us to find out available pickup times.

If you are 25+ miles away from West Des Moines, we are happy to mail you copies after receipt of shipping fee payment. Shipments go out once a week. Learn more below.

West Des Moines' Hottest Neighborhoods

Discover your next date night, team outing, or shopping therapy session—all in West Des Moines! Explore the full story map today!

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