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Meet Jacob Olson

The University of Iowa

Forest City, IA

I recruit Accounting & Finance professionals for Palmer Group

I get to help almost any person I come into contact with and be in their corner. We all want to do work that is satisfying for ourselves and our families. The most rewarding part of my job is helping people better align their career with their family.

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver.” – Proverbs

I graduated college in May of 2022, got married in June, and my son was born the following August. A lot of life in 15 months! A couple more things are that I lived in Utah for a couple of years in elementary school and enjoy camping when I get a chance.

As a Des Moines area transplant, West YP has allowed me to build a friend group in a fun and easy way. The professional development programs are always helpful and relevant and I haven’t left a social event without setting a coffee meeting with a talented person doing great work in the community.

My favorite thing about West Des Moines is its proximity to amenities and affordable cost of living. The ease with which you can build a good life and enjoy a reasonable lifestyle for a family is extremely attractive.

My wife Abby and I will be joining Big Brothers Big Sisters as a Big Duo so you’ll find us out and about at various spots around the metro. I frequent coffee shops on the west side meeting with folks and figuring out who has the best brewed black coffee. 

A bucket list item is to see the Northern Lights in Norway. Both sides of my family are nearly 100% Norwegian and I have distant cousins there that I would like to visit.

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