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Nora Walsh

Meet Nora Walsh

Drake University

Palatine, IL

Commercial Real Estate Advisor at SVN

That I am consistently meeting new people with talents that drastically differ from my own. I find it fascinating and also am able to learn from them as much as they learn from me.

There is no growth in the comfort zone!

I love being outdoors – walking, hiking, roller blading, boating, going to the dog park, you name it!

I also really love trying new types of foods – I’m a huge foodie! Especially when it comes to crazy dessert combinations.

A fun fact is that I can’t burp 😂

The top two reasons I have loved being a part of West YP is the culture and the content. Everyone knows it’s the people who make the organization, and it couldn’t be more apparent that our members and committee give it their best effort to ensure everyone is involved and engaged. Being the largest YP program in the state, one would think that you’d easily get lost in the mix, but I have had nothing but positive and welcoming experiences from every individual I have met in this group since its inception. The kindness and inclusiveness is truly contagious!
The members are also great at communicating what they would like to see for both our social and professional development events and the Leadership Committee does a phenomenal job at listening to the asks and delivering fresh and exciting new content at every event they put on.

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