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Meet Josh Gummert.

Growing up in LeGrand, Iowa, Josh Gummert attended a small school near East Marshall. After high school, Josh attended The University of Iowa where he originally majored Pre-Med, but his passion for finance and math led him to pursue Economics. Josh’s love for banking began when he was young. He would go to the bank with his dad every Saturday morning, where his dad would explain the ins and outs of personal banking. These conversations have come full circle as Josh is currently Assistant Branch Manager at First National Bank of Ames.

Josh likes living in West Des Moines where he can find everything he enjoys including a multitude of restaurants, coffee shops, fitness facilities and other entertainment amenities. He is also active in the community playing slow pitch softball in the summer and playing video games–which he states is a great way to stay connected with friends.  As a community member of West Des Moines, you will never be bored!

Josh’s life motto revolves around loyalty. “I did not truly understand that this was my motto until I watched an episode of Suits where the main character, Harvey Spector, is signing a client.” Josh continues to explain that when Harvey wanted to impress the client, he brings in his yearbook. The yearbook says, “Loyalty is a two-way street. If I’m expecting it from you, I can guarantee you will get it from me.” This resonated with Josh because a priority of his is to always be there for his friends, family, teammates, and coworkers. “No matter what the situation, I am there to help in any way.”

When asked what he has enjoyed most about West YP, Josh responded, “I have enjoyed the people the most. I enjoy that everyone has come from somewhere different. What really got me hooked into West YP was how friendly, active and open-armed people were to accept and learn about me.” Josh has attended nearly every event hosted by West YP as well as referred many new members to the group. 

Josh YP of Year

Due to his incredible involvement, Josh was awarded West YP Young Professional of the Year for 2021!

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