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Jordan Bouslog

Meet Jordan Bouslog.

After being born and raised in Urbandale, Jordan took his University of Northern Iowa degree of Management, Real Estate and Finance right back to Central Iowa to launch his career. He is a Commercial Real Estate Broker at Cushman & Wakefield Iowa Commercial Advisors. Jordan just completed the WDM Leadership Academy among a class of exceptional leaders. During a year when most people were trying to just get by, Jordan and his peers pushed through more than 80 hours of development to better themselves.

This exceptional level of effort and execution is nothing new for Jordan. During his “Time to Shine” presentation for WDMLA, he took quite the creative approach. He wrote a 3-minute remix to the Fresh Prince of Bellaire’s theme song, highlighting everything from his dogs and hobbies to his hard-working wife, Haleigh.

Jordan’s positivity shines in every interaction with him, and he has a natural ability to lead. He was one of the very first to step up and take a leadership role within the WDMLA Class Project. He not only helped the class plan strategically to meet their lofty goal of $35,000 during a pandemic, but he also helped lead the fundraising efforts that ended up totaling more than $50,000 for their chosen organization, Can Play Sports.

While Jordan serves as an inspiration to so many others, he draws his own inspiration from family. His grandfather, Nye, instilled a lot into his kids and grandkids. However, the one simple piece of advice that stands out most to Jordan was that “It is hard to be good, but even harder to stay good.”

Well, Jordan, you are making your grandfather proud. You embody so much of what it means to be a good leader and community member, and we can’t wait to see the continued impact you make on the world.   

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