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Latino Trade Network

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What is the Latino Trade Network?

The Latino Trade Network is a program designed for Latino entrepreneurs, business owners, and working professionals to connect, collaborate, and grow together on a regular basis.

Program participants meet in small groups each month to share best practices, provide referrals and leads, and learn from LTN mentors. In addition to these small group meetings, all program participants are invited to larger networking events hosted throughout the year.

Latino Trade Network
  • LTN Holiday Potluck
  • LTN Lunch & Learn: Growth of Latino Business in Iowa
  • LTN Happy Hour at El Toreado
  • LTN at the Iowa Wolves
  • LTN World Cup Game Watch – Mexico vs. Saudi Arabia
  • LTN Happy Hour at Mariscos El Capitan

Do I need to be a WDM Chamber member?

No, you are not required to be a member of the West Des Moines Chamber to participate in the Latino Trade Network. Additionally, you do not need to be in West Des Moines to participate. This program is open to the Latino community across Central Iowa. If you are interested in joining the West Des Moines Chamber, click here to learn more.

Latino Trade Network
Latino Trade Network

What is the cost and how do I sign up?

There is a $120 annual fee to participate in the Latino Trade Network – that’s only $10 per month! The collected fees support the four larger celebrations each year and marketing/promotions to grow the program. Sign up using the form below and you’ll receive a welcome email with more information.

How do I get involved?


If we haven’t already, we can’t wait to meet you! Please fill out the form below to join the Latino Trade Network (LTN):

Who else is in the Latino Trade Network?

View the leaders and businesses/organizations currently represented in the Latino Trade Network.

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