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Meet Claire Muselman.

Everyone in the WDM Leadership Academy presents a “Time to Shine” about themselves, but Claire took shine to a whole new level. 

Her sparkling bodysuit, mask, and cookies coordinate perfectly with her bright personality. 

Passionate, fearless, and insightful are three other words that come to mind right away–and those qualities have shone through even in the mostly-virtual world in which we’ve been getting to know Claire this past year.

Don’t know Claire yet? It’s time you do.

Claire is the Director of Workers’ Compensation and founder of the first ever Workers’ Recovery Unit (WRU) with Continental Western Group, a Berkley Company. Using the knowledge she gained from her industry coursework combined with over 16 years of direct claims experience, Claire designed a new approach to Workers’ Compensation. Claire built The Workers’ Recovery Unit by combining a solid technical foundation with her passion for creating a better customer experience and ultimately, making good things happen for people.

She took her knowledge and combined it with the thought “Where I can make the greatest impact is in how my team finds their purpose through interaction with our insureds, injured workers’, medical providers, and state regulators.” This innovative approach to claims handling has provided new value to both Continual Western Group and their insureds. Claire now speaks nationally on the topic of Humanity in Claims looking to change the industry one insurance professional at a time.

Claire has earned her SCLA Gold, as well as other industry designations including an AIC, AIC-M, AIM, AIS, AINS, ACS. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Iowa, a Master’s of Public Administration and a Specialist’s of Educational Leadership in Business from Drake University, and is finishing her Doctor of Education focused on Organizational Leadership in Business from Grand Canyon University. Claire also heads the Iowa Chapter as an Ambassador for the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation and is a member of the International Association of Insurance Professionals. 

As you can likely gather from all the above, Claire doesn’t just “talk the talk.” She walks the walk (in stylish shoes, might we add).

Some people take a few days to soak in all the content from any given WDMLA session before they start applying the takeaways in their workplace and life. Claire, on the other hand, puts it into action before the day is even over. She shares the insight with her team and peers in her industry—furthering the discussion, challenging thought processes, and making an impact.

On more than one occasion, we’ve heard her say “I’m just trying to drive effective change.” That, she does. Claire makes an impact regularly and has for years, in ways big and small.

An example dating back years? Claire founded Kuddly Kiddos over 11 years ago to keep children warm during the winter months through donations, fundraising, and active community involvement.

Something more recent? She’s a freelance contributor for Just Begin, a magazine celebrating “all that’s good in the world” where entrepreneurs, creatives, and writers share their stories with the intent to inspire positive change.

Her work includes articles such as “Appreciate YOU: Three Good Things.” This is a simple exercise that has been a pillar throughout her life whether using this with clients in her industry, her team, her students, or just anyone she wants to connect with.

We’re all familiar with the common conversational exchange of “How are you?” “Good, how are you?” “Good, thanks!”

Claire doesn’t take this route. Instead, she has made a habit of asking someone to share three good things that have happened in their life lately. When is the last time you’ve taken a moment to answer that question for yourself? It’s a small act that can make a big shift in your perspective.

In another excerpt of this same magazine, she was asked what comes to mind when she hears the phrase ‘There’s a seat at the table for you.’ Her response? “Yes, the one I built.”

She added that she believes it is her duty and responsibility to add seats to any table she is invited to participate. “There is ALWAYS room at my table. I will do whatever I can to help add seats to bring others along with me.”

If you don’t know Claire, you should. Thank you, Claire, for being a force of good and leader of positive change in the community. Keep being you—we can’t wait to watch where it takes you!

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