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Meet Britton Klomstad.

Britton is Iowa born and bred, moving to Des Moines at two years old. After graduating from Valley High School and then earning a degree in Finance from Iowa State University, he chose to launch his career in West Des Moines.

Britton is a Commercial Real Estate Associate Advisor at SVN | CREATE. Growing up here exposed Britton to the knowledge and expertise of the area and surrounding suburbs at an early age, which gives him a competitive edge in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Watching the growth and expansion first-hand, a design and passion was sparked within him to play an imperative role in the continuation of expanding the local community as well as Iowa as a whole.

Anyone involved in the WDM Chamber has likely seen this passion come to life. Britton has jumped in with 2 feet and 200% eagerness. In addition to being a regular attendee at many Chamber events, he has taken advantage of opportunities to further his involvement.

He’s one of the most active members of the West YP program—being the first to utilize all of his guest passes in the very first quarter (then asking for a few extra!). He is always connecting with others and has proven to be a resource for those trying to further their own circle of influence.

He has been the first to step up to contribute his time and talents to other initiatives such as the Explore West Des Moines Committee. He’s reliable, timely, thoughtful, and has a contagious personality that will light up even a virtual room!

He is an automatic standout as one of the youngest in the room at things like ribbon cuttings, as he already understands the importance of supporting business’ hard work and major milestones. However, what stands out most is Britton’s passion. He wants to make a difference in the community and have a positive impact on everyone he encounters.

One of Britton’s life mottos is that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Well, we can tell there is no limit to where life will take you, Britton. You are going places, and those place (including SVN | CREATE and the WDM community as a whole) are lucky to have you.

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