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Meet Amy Ganoe.

West YP is proud to have our member, Amy Ganoe, be selected as the June West Des Moines Watch List standout leader. Amy has been incredibly involved within the West Des Moines community and recently graduated from the West Des Moines Leadership Academy in May. When asked what her favorite thing about West Des Moines was, she stated, “It is an incredible city, and the people are truly ‘Iowa nice.’ We have phenomenal destinations from great restaurants to events to activities… It’s hard not to enjoy your time in West Des Moines.” We couldn’t agree more!

Amy was born and raised in Polk City, Iowa and attended DMACC and Kirkwood. She recently celebrated her one year at Farmers State Bank where she has greatly enjoyed her time building connections internally with the team and externally with clients. At FSB, their moto is “work hard, play hard” because although they might be small in numbers, they do big things! 

Outside of Amy’s professional life, she has a love for cooking and creating new recipes with her own twist. She’s also an ordained minister – wow! Amy also enjoys helping and getting to know others in the community and says “West YP has helped my network grow greatly.”

Her life moto is simply “It is what it is.” What she means by this is to “give everything your best and at the end of the day, if something doesn’t turn out – it is what it is.” Amy is always finding ways to improve, adapt, and push forward because “there’s no use focusing on the things you cannot change.” Amy is looking forward to the growth within her team at FSB and building their new location in West Des Moines, which should be open in 2023! She is also looking forward to growing and staying in touch with the connections she has made within West YP and the West Des Moines Leadership Academy.

We are so lucky to have you a part of our community, Amy!

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