Why is West Des Moines a win?

Simply look at the rankings.

HIGH quality of life.

LOW cost of living.

Spend less time commuting, more time connecting.

After a full day of work, do you want a long commute home? The average commute time here is only 16.5 minutes. Who wants another unpaid 1-2 hours tacked on to every single work day just for their commute? Not us!

apt combo pic

Once you do get home, would you rather walk in to the apartment on the left or one of the ones on the right? We’ll take a larger one you can get here (like these) with more amenities for less rent!

Eat and drink your way through the metro at 1,410+ restaurants and bars. Want to burn off all that good food? Hit the 800 miles of trails or one of the 27 parks right here in WDM. Don’t miss the internationally recognized festivals and national headline concerts. Ready to restock your closet with “real-world” clothes or just need some retail therapy? Head to our various shopping destinations from local boutiques to national brands. Don’t miss out on the art walks, displays, festivals, and celebrations. There are also plenty of murals for your Instagram feeds! Need a laugh or want to sit back and enjoy a show? Check out the various comedy clubs, the Symphony, or the Performing Arts Center


Did we meet you at a Career Fair?
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Want to land a job or internship here?

We can help! As a Chamber, we have connections with employers who want fresh talent like you.

Find full-time job openings here, visit the bottom of this page for internship openings, or submit your information below so we can feature your information on an employer resource page.

Already landed an internship here?

YURtern is a summer program specifically designed for college interns. Registration has opened for summer 2020 programming. It’s YURtern to show the working-world what you have to offer. Take advantage of this program to set yourself up for success! 

Through YURtern, you can...

  • Gain valuable business experience that transitions to the real world
  • Connect with other college interns to expand your growing network
  • Engage with emerging leaders and young professionals through mentoring opportunities
  • Build your communication, interviewing and negotiating skills
  • Explore different industries and further your education 
  • Let your voice be heard with the Mayor of West Des Moines on what YOU want to see in a city where you might launch  your career

Already landed a full-time job here?

CONGRATULATIONS! Now, learn how to set yourself up for success as a young professional entering the “real world.” Accelerate is a program of the WDM Chamber that provides the opportunity to develop yourself, impact the community, make connections, and have memorable experiences. Join this group of driven and dynamic emerging leaders. 

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Internship Opportunities

Employers: submit internship openings here.

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