A Reflection: 2022 Chamber of the Year Finalist

The journey to being one of three nominees in the nation (our first time applying!) for the national Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives’ Chamber of the Year Award started when I became President & CEO of the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce on April 1, 2020.

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Influence Redefined: Building a Good Reputation

If you want to influence buy this book.  In fact, the sooner you read this book, the more rapidly you will accelerate your ability to influence. But be patient.  Influence is earned over time.  Hanke suggests that everyone who wants to become a skilled influencer must adopt specific, intentional behaviors MONDAY THROUGH MONDAY.  

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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Everyone is talking about how holiday shopping is going to be challenging this year. Well, guess what isn’t stuck on shipping containers out at sea? All of the incredible things you can buy from our local small businesses. Whether you’re online shopping at home or out and about around town, check out this Ultimate Gift Giving Guide to get some ideas for this holiday season! 

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Think Big and Just Get it DONE

This is what we love about our city. We don’t pussyfoot around. We think big and just get it done. Kudos to Mayor Steve Gaer and key city, community, and business leaders who were instrumental in helping to build our city into the world class community it is today. Ranked #1 best place to live in Iowa and #37 best place to live in America by Money Magazine, it’s no wonder people have a passion for West Des Moines.

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