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Essential Technology to Future-Proof Your Business

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic up-ended the way much of the world conducts business. Many organizations shifted employees to partial or full-time remote work schedules. The most prepared companies already had cloud infrastructure in place and the technology to collaborate remotely.

Meanwhile, other businesses scrambled to assemble the right mix of hardware, software, and services to make the remote situation work for them.

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Return to Work Plans & Strategies

“Unprecedented” was the buzzword for 2020, but there are a lot of unknowns that still lie ahead for 2021. One being, what are the best strategies for returning to work? When? How? Remote, hybrid, or all in person? What does our next “new normal” look like? Join us to learn best practices and how area businesses are setting themselves up for success in 2021.

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Don’t Live with the Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain. Whether it’s acute or chronic, you know the drill: workout regimens interrupted, trouble performing household tasks or picking up groceries – back pain can blow up your normal routine and leave you unable to remember what it was like not to be in pain.

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Strategizing Beyond the Pandemic: Tips for Effective Facilitation

The plans leaders make in the first 90 days of 2021 could last a lifetime. Massive shifts have occurred in nearly every sector of the economy and returning to the pre-pandemic normal is simply not realistic for many organizations.

Many leaders consider 2021 as a transition year to the new normal and are planning now for the opportunities and realities which lie ahead. Crafting effective plans frequently involves resolving difficult issues and making critical decisions.

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COVID-19 is Demanding all Leaders to Do More

By Tom Mulrooney, FACHE – Vice President of Surgical and Cardiovascular Services/Chief Operating Officer for Iowa Lutheran Hospital and Methodist West Hospital
In March 2020, the COVID pandemic was just beginning to cause extensive damage to the health of our fellow citizens, our way of life, and our financial well-being. As a hospital administrator, my colleagues and I were faced with an endless number of difficult decisions. In reality, the decision was already made for us.

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An Apollo Astronaut Made Me Dinner

By Anthony Paustian, Ph.D.
In March, we lost an Apollo astronaut, a beloved member of the space community, and in my own case, a personal friend––Al Worden, the Command Module Pilot for Apollo 15.

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