Are you struggling to attract and retain talent?

Regardless of business size, industry, or zip code, everyone is facing major workforce challenges–both with talent attraction and retention. What if there was a solution that could help with both? You’ve come to the right place. Hint: it’s all about culture. 

For a topic with widespread agreement on its importance, there is far too little clarity about what leaders can actually do to improve culture. That is, until now. 

We are partnering with BetterCulture to bring you an easy, highly impactful, self-paced program with videos full of proven insight that will help your leadership team take your workplace culture to the next level. Together, we are combating workforce challenges and making West Des Moines and Central Iowa THE best place to work.

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Why does workplace culture matter?

Not worried about culture because “why fix what isn’t broken” or “our bottom line is fine?” Don’t wait until that’s not the case. Ignoring the impact of culture will cost you big. Let these numbers sink in. 


Employees who would accept a job they love that pays half of their current salary over a job they hate that pays double.


Employees who say they’d work longer hours if their organization was empathetic. (Note: 92% of CEOs say their organization is empathetic, while only 50% of employees say that’s the case.)

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Cost of replacing an entry-level employee. This number rises as the experience level does. Employers spend an average of 33% of a worker’s annual salary to replace just one employee. 


Increase in performance when an employee becomes highly engaged. 51% of employees report not feeling engaged at all. 


Although having a workplace that attracts good talent can lead to a 33% increase in revenue, 47% of active job seekers cite culture as the driving reason they’re leaving their current job. 

Here’s one more: 52% of employees say their manager could’ve done something to prevent them from leaving. We know you don’t want to be that manager! 

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So, let's help you build and protect great culture.

How does this program work?

  • If you are looking for talent and attraction tools, this is for you.
  • If you think your culture has some room for growth, this is for you. 
  • If you have worked hard to build a strong culture and know the importance of maintaining that, this is for you. 
  • If you think your culture is fine and you don’t need this training, you would likely benefit from this program greatly! It’s not uncommon for there to be a disconnect between how leaders and employees view and experience workplace culture (see above statistics). 

All leaders. Your executives, directors, supervisors, mentors, board of directors, and managers at all levels. Culture doesn’t come from just one person or department. The more participation and varying perspectives you include in the program, the smoother implementation will go to make a real difference in elevating your culture. 

Note: If you have a Chief People Officer or head of HR, you could have them lead your group through this exciting program. A complimentary facilitator’s guide is available for whoever might lead your internal discussions (for 3+ licenses), and everyone else has access to purchase a helpful $12 participant workbook. 

That’s the best part! This is self-paced. It’s whatever works best for your team. 

There are 56 on-demand videos that average only 3 minutes. That’s less than 3 hours.

We know you’re busy, so we get straight to the point to allow more time for your team’s discussions–the really important part. 

Feel free to use the following options as a guide:
Have your leaders watch the videos on their own time. Then, come together as a team to discuss major takeaways, questions, and strategies for implementation. See below pacing examples, but customize to what works best for you: 

  • 1 module per week (around 8 videos: 30 minutes of watch time + discussion meeting) = done in 7 weeks
  • 1 module per month (around 8 videos: 30 minutes of watch time + discussion meeting) = done in 7 months 

Minimal time commitment, maximum impact. 

Investing in a solution for workforce attraction and retention is invaluable. We can’t wait to support you and your team with this experience.

You will want to purchase 1 license per leader participating. See tiered pricing options below: 

  • 1 license: $699
  • 2-5 licenses: $650 each 
  • 6-10 licenses: $625 each 
  • 11+ licenses: $599 each 

Contact us for “group view” pricing options if you prefer to watch simultaneously together as a team.

A facilitator’s guide is complimentary for any group of 3+. Participant workbooks are a very helpful tool and available for purchase at $12 each. 

Note: If you are a President’s Council member, non-profit, or minority owned business, please contact Kara Matheson for special pricing.

Now! Registration has officially opened. Keep scrolling to learn how. 

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We're taking it a step further...

Not only do leaders gain invaluable tools from this program, but there is an opportunity to further elevate your business as an amazing place to work by getting BetterCulture Certified (learn more here).

How do you get BetterCulture Certified?

  1. Majority of your leadership works through the program.
  2. CEO/top level leader completes the program. 
  3. Identify a Culture Driver who will be the steward and help others uphold the best practices. 
  4. Submit your “Culture Code,” which is explained in video 7. 
  5. Submit 3 success story examples of your team utilizing BetterCulture tactics. 

What are the benefits to being BetterCulture Certified?

  • Your business featured on WDM Chamber website as a BetterCulture Certified Employer of Choice.
  • Your business spotlighted on Employer of Choice page that will be promoted to job seekers through a nationwide advertising campaign as well as through ongoing regional promotions.
  • In addition to experienced job seekers, the WDM Chamber will be intentional with promoting this business listing to new generations entering the workforce such as college students and young professionals. 
  • Receive BetterCulture Certified graphic to utilize on your website, social media, job descriptions, and employee email signatures to position yourself as an employer of choice. Set yourself apart! 

Let’s do this!

Get ready for a game changing experience. Sign up below, and we’ll send you the information needed to dive in when your team is ready. We are going to help you: 

  • Attract better talent
  • Retain talent better
  • Achieve a better bottom line 

Let’s elevate you from better to best. 

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This program will help you achieve success in areas such as employee engagement, employee retention, employee satisfaction, and more. Here are just a few key results from past participants to get you excited: 

28% increase in employee retention
50% decrease in annual staff turnover
30% increase in employee recognition 

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Questions? Contact Kara Matheson, VP of Workforce Development & Culture with the WDM Chamber.

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