BetterCulture Powered by the WDM Chamber

Let’s get your business BetterCulture Certified!

Not only do leaders gain invaluable tools from this program, but there is an opportunity to further elevate your business as an amazing place to work by getting BetterCulture Certified. Let’s take this a step further. 

How do you get BetterCulture Certified?

Follow these requirements and submit your information below.

  1. Majority of your leadership works through the program.
  2. CEO/top level leader completes the program. 
  3. Identify a Culture Driver who will be the steward and help others uphold the best practices. 
  4. Submit your “Culture Code,” which is explained in video 7. 
  5. Submit 3 success story examples of your team utilizing BetterCulture tactics. 

What are the benefits of being BetterCulture Certified?

  • Your business featured on WDM Chamber website as a BetterCulture Certified Employer of Choice.
  • Your business spotlighted on Employer of Choice page that will be promoted to job seekers through a nationwide advertising campaign as well as through ongoing regional promotions.
  • In addition to experienced job seekers, the WDM Chamber will be intentional with promoting this business listing to new generations entering the workforce such as college students and young professionals. 
  • Receive BetterCulture Certified graphic to utilize on your website, social media, job descriptions, and employee email signatures to position yourself as an employer of choice. Set yourself apart! 

Application for your business to become BetterCulture Certified:

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