Welcome to the West

Join us in welcoming RENTAVan to West Des Moines!

About RENTAVAN: With over 30 years of experience, we have been dedicated to offering van rental services in the Midwest. Our extensive fleet includes vans of various sizes, catering to the requirements of churches, schools, teams, businesses, organizations, events, families, and personal use. Prioritizing safety and reliability, our low mileage vans undergo thorough inspections before each rental, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, a seamless rental process, and a guaranteed reservation every time.

RENTAVAN is locally owned and operated by the Bretz Family. We take pride in serving our local community by providing reliable, clean, and safe transportation options.

Whether you are in search of a rental vehicle for a family vacation, business trip, or anything in between, RENTAVAN has something for everyone.

WDM is a thriving community with lots of potential customers for Rent a Van. Whether it’s a family looking to go on a vacation, a business taking a group of employees on an incentive outing, or a church taking their students to an event, I know WDM will bring a significant amount of business to Rent a Van. 

We do one thing, and we do it well, we offer large passenger (12 & 15) vans, and minivans for rent. Our rentals come with unlimited mileage, no charge for additional drivers, and most importantly, reservations are GUARANTEED!

We exist to take care of them. Every business has limitations to what they can do for customers, the best businesses focus on overcoming those limitations to provide a service or product that customers want and need. We also recognize that not every situation is the same, so being flexible in how you work with customers is critical. Finally, honesty – whether it’s owning a mistake, or explaining a limiting policy, customers always appreciate hearing the truth, even when it’s not what they want to hear. 

Loyalty! The people of WDM will shop with me over and over if I take care of them! 

We are a veteran-owned, family-run business. We will always try to match or beat pricing from other companies on comparable services as long as you tell us about them. 

Learn more about RENTAVAN.

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