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Join us in welcoming Maple Studios!

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Maple Studios is a startup studio that provides collaborative workspace and fractional executive services to entrepreneurs. Maple Studios serves industrial technology companies and physical product builders from startup to growth stage.

Entrepreneurs at Maple Studios have unique access to experienced engineers, testing environments, marketing, and distribution expertise through Ramco Innovations, where Maple Studios is based. 

Maple Studios is on the campus of Ramco Innovations, which has been operating in West Des Moines since June 1, 1962. Ramco opened Maple Studios over five years ago with the goal of helping early-stage industrial companies grow through their early days. Maple Studios opened a larger space, still within the campus of Ramco, in March of this year. 

Maple Studios offers both collaborative work space and also fractional executive services to entrepreneurs. We’re excited to fill the gap for entrepreneurs who need early help with launching their company. We help with the back-office functions like accounting and bookkeeping, and also marketing and analytics. Maple Studios provides members with space to work, grow their team, tinker with tools, assemble and store inventory, and ship products. Members are surrounded by other entrepreneurs who are eager to give advice, share some tips and help each other.

We appreciate the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, especially where we’re based near Valley Junction. The city offers a unique blend of small-town charm and modern amenities, creating a pleasing environment for visitors and our team alike. 

In March we moved the Maple Studios location to a new part of the campus of Ramco Innovations where we now have triple the amount of space available to entrepreneurs including our own warehouse and tinker labs space. 

We’re welcoming any early-stage companies, startups, and entrepreneurs who want to work in an collaborative, industrial environment to join the Maple Studios community! 

Learn more about Maple Studios. Big welcome to the whole team!

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