Welcome to the West

Join us in welcoming Face Foundrie!

I love how much growth has happened and also how much is still to be had. The attention to detail and care the city puts into the overall presentation of West Des Moines is very impressive. We are excited and honored to be a part of this business community! 


Affordable and effective skin care treatments and products! 


We are an efficient and effective focused facial bar. We aim to provide affordable, approachable and accessible skincare for all. We are committed to giving 100% customer satisfaction and making everyone feel comfortable in their skin. 


 It is palpable how much the community rallies around new and exciting concepts. They are quick to support and are very welcoming.

FACE FOUNDRIE is born and raised in the midwest and all of our proprietary products are made in MN! 

Learn more about Face Foundrie. Big welcome to the whole team!

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