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Insights on LeadHERship: Lessons from the TINA TALKS Event 2023

Tina Talks 2023

By Katherine Harrington, President & CEO | West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

At last week’s West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce’s second annual TINA TALKS event, six esteemed leaders took the stage to share their invaluable advice on LeadHERship. Perlla Deluca, Dr. Angela Franklin, Rosemary Parson, Blanca Plascencia, Claudia Schabel, and Connie Wimer graced the event with their wisdom, leaving the audience inspired and empowered. In this article, I will highlight some of the personal takeaways from these remarkable speakers, offering a glimpse into the world of leadership and the key principles that pave the path to success.

Perlla Deluca: Leading with Passion and Integrity

Perlla Deluca, an embodiment of resilience and dedication, emphasized the importance of never giving up and leading by example. Deluca’s advice resonated with the audience as she stressed the significance of integrity and hard work in achieving success. She urged aspiring leaders to be passionate about their endeavors and to focus solely on the areas that ignite their inner fire. Deluca also emphasized the power of gratitude and the need to eliminate regrets, as they serve as obstacles to progress.

Dr. Angela Franklin: Overcoming Doubts and Stepping into Greatness

Dr. Angela Franklin captivated the audience with her message of self-belief and overcoming doubts. Encouraging individuals to expect and achieve greatness, Franklin urged aspiring leaders not to limit themselves or fall victim to self-doubt. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone and continuously putting one foot in front of the other were highlighted as essential steps towards personal and professional growth. Franklin’s words served as a reminder that one’s potential knows no bounds.

Rosemary Parson: Leading from Any Position and Owning Your Value

Rosemary Parson, a proponent of personal branding, emphasized that leadership can stem from any position or career stage. She stressed the importance of building a brand portfolio and actively contributing value to the community. Parson urged individuals to recognize and appreciate the unique value they bring to others and organizations. By building a record of experience and establishing their distinct ‘it’ factor, aspiring leaders can lead with confidence and remain open to new opportunities.

Blanca Plascencia: Embracing Fear and Authenticity

Blanca Plascencia delivered a powerful message about bravery and self-acceptance as crucial aspects of leadership. She encouraged individuals to embrace their fears and push beyond their comfort zones. Plascencia highlighted the importance of self-awareness, urging leaders to understand their true selves and surround themselves with a supportive team aligned with their dreams. By listening to their hearts and staying true to their values, aspiring leaders can navigate their journey with authenticity and courage.

Claudia Schabel: Embracing Change and Inclusive Leadership

Claudia Schabel focused on the transformative power of dreaming big and committing to continuous learning. Schabel emphasized the need for adaptability, challenging biases, and treating others with respect and dignity. Recognizing the value of cross-cultural understanding, she encouraged leaders to foster inclusive environments. Schabel’s call to lead with integrity and take calculated risks resonated with the audience, inspiring them to be active participants in their personal and professional growth.

Connie Wimer: Building Resilience and Becoming an Agent of Change

Connie Wimer, a shining example of perseverance and success, shared her wisdom on building resilience and effecting positive change. She emphasized the significance of learning to negotiate effectively and facing fear head-on. Wimer encouraged individuals to embrace failure as a steppingstone to growth and to surround themselves with intelligent and capable individuals. Lifelong learning, becoming an agent of change, and being a realistic optimist were key tenets of Wimer’s message. She reminded the audience that great leaders not only achieve greatness themselves but also create a legacy by nurturing and empowering other leaders. In her closing remarks, Wimer left the audience with a powerful quote: “We are often faced with brilliant opportunities disguised as challenging problems.” Her words encapsulated the essence of leadership, urging individuals to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation.

The TINA TALKS event provided a platform for incredible leaders to share their insights on LeadHERship. From Perlla Deluca’s emphasis on passion and integrity to Connie Wimer’s lessons on personal branding and resilience, each speaker offered valuable advice for aspiring leaders. The takeaways from this event remind us of the importance of self-belief, stepping out of comfort zones, embracing authenticity, and fostering inclusive environments. By incorporating these principles into our leadership journeys, we can unlock our full potential and create a positive impact in our communities and organizations.

Attending events like TINA TALKS serves as a catalyst for personal growth and learning. The wisdom imparted by these leaders fuels our motivation and equips us with valuable tools to navigate the complex world of leadership. As we continue on our own journeys, let us draw inspiration from these remarkable insights and strive to become leaders who not only achieve success but also inspire and uplift others along the way. #LeadHERship.

To view the TINA TALKS speakers, you can click here to visit the WDM Chamber’s YouTube channel.

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