Member Spotlight – Recoop Disaster Insurance

Recoop Disaster Insurance is the first and only multi-peril coverage that pays a lump-sum cash benefit (up to $25,000) following a covered natural disaster. It delivers quick recovery cash to help people bounce back faster after a disaster. Natural disasters are on the rise, while household emergency funds are low. Recoop is designed to help with expenses from a disaster that homeowner’s and renters’ insurance doesn’t cover. It provides unrestricted recovery cash that is available within days.

Recoop offers a guaranteed issue insurance product that is Really Affordable (get $10,000 cash benefit for as low as $20/month), Really Simple (file a claim in just minutes with a call or a few clicks), Really Fast (cash is typically deposited within 24-48 hours) and Really Flexible (no restrictions on how the recovery cash is spent).

We can’t eliminate the risk of natural disasters or put a price on peace of mind, but we can support security to millions of family’s coast to coast. We aren’t the homeowner’s insurance. We’re the safety net. Our vision is to lead our customers out of denial and into dependability and support their financial security.

Recoop exists to cover the gaps left by most homeowners and renters’ insurance policies in the wake of a natural disaster. We lessen the financial burden with affordable policies and expedited payments.

“We chose West Des Moines because Iowa, including West Des Moines has emerged as a vibrant hub for entrepreneurial activity, especially in the risk management and insurance industry. West Des Moines provides a supportive environment, diverse business landscape and competitive advantage for entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their ventures.”

“WDM creates an environment where everyone wins together, and everyone supports each other. The epitome of Iowa nice truly lives here!”

Recoop offers preferred pricing for members of the West Des Moines Chamber with a link on the chamber website. And, reach out, we’d love to meet for coffee!

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