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Richard Almeida, C.M. has an International Degree and Construction Management Degree from the University of Houston. He has worked with the US Department of Commerce and met goals in procuring over $33M a year to keep the government grant at the Houston Minority Development Center. He also has a background in banking, recruitment, radio and television, as well as safety and consulting.

Obed and Richard joined their talents together and have also had a lifelong friendship – their parents are best friends and met in the church back in Houston over 44 years ago.

From Richard:

We are professionals in our field with over 20 years experience in our field. My partner Obed Perez is a licensed Journeyman with 20 years experience and has a vast network built from coast to coast. All of his network is built with friends and family that he has vetted and worked with directly.

We wanted to start a business were we represented our network because we believe they have the best talent and wanted to ensure that they are being paid for the value they bring in mechanical electrical and plumbing on commercial and industrial jobs nationwide.

We were invited to assist on a project in Creston Iowa for the waste water treatment facility. After visiting Des Moines we learned of all the needs out here and loved the synergy that we experienced in West Des Moines and knew immediately that we could bring value and even more synergy.

One Staffing

We provide the best workers and financial assistance when it comes to mechanical electrical and plumbing services- the MEPs and all labor management when it comes to jobs. We support over 200 workers when it comes to workforce power.

Our core philosophy revolves around listening carefully and delivering on our partners’ expectations above and beyond what they expect.

Everyone is Iowa nice! Coming from Houston, Texas, people are not as nice and welcoming – there is so much competition! 

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