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On Point Strategies

On Point Strategies

By Colson Thayer, Editorial Intern | West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

Tamara Kenworthy just celebrated 15 years with her business, On Point Strategies. The business specializes in strategic planning, marketing planning, and market research.

While some projects are strategic planning or marketing planning, and others are strictly research-focused, many projects utilize an integration of planning and research expertise. “No matter the project, we work with companies to help them understand their audiences,

On Point Strategies

oftentimes through targeted research,” Kenworthy shared. Kenworthy dedicates her time and energy to the success of her clients across many industries that she works with. Not only that, but she also works with nonprofits and government agencies, too. She ensures that each company she works with is listening to their customer base, “I believe  that’s where companies really are lacking.”

Kenworthy is hands-on with all of her clients, and builds virtual teams where needed. She brings in professionals who are specialists in graphic design, public relations, report writing, social media, or whatever a project requires.

The future of research and marketing is very dynamic and hard to predict; however, Kenworthy knows that technology is and will continue to be a great influence in her work. Kenworthy is very intentional about using the newest tools and technologies in her field to stay up to date.

Kenworthy grew up in an entrepreneurial family, so she always wanted to have her own business. Her career began on the client side of marketing and transitioned  to the agency side. Over the years, she has developed a hybrid skill set of planning and research – helping companies position their organization, brand, messaging, and marketing.

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