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Finding Your Fit

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Have you walked away from an interview confused on why you didn’t get the position? We recently invested in a focus on culture and kicked off an active Culture Club that recognizes the individuality of our team members while providing numerous opportunities for team bonding and giving back in the community. That’s not important to everyone and there is nothing wrong from walking away from a position if the company values don’t match your own.   

Within any organization you’ll find unique dynamics and if you’re interviewing with someone who cares mutually about your success as they do the success of their company, don’t take it personal when you get passed over due to today’s hottest hiring trend of hiring for culture. We’re growing and on a hiring frenzy and recently had to overlook a few super talented players in the market for one of our positions because one was looking to travel over 50% of the time (that would be over 183 days a year) and the other didn’t want a desk job. While they were both disappointed when we notified them, they both agreed when we discussed that our open position didn’t match their objectives and could have quickly resulted in their separation. We believed in their talent and offered to pass their name on should they ask for other companies that could perhaps offer them those type of working environments.

Be authentic in the interview and share those aspects that bring you joy. Not every position is right for you. Stay open to future employment opportunities, especially with a growing company, and stay in touch as the hiring manager could know about other future opportunities they believe you would be a good fit for and just can’t share those details with you at the present time.

Look for a company who offers those things you find most appealing such as flexibility, culture, making a difference, additional responsibilities, recognition, benefits, rewards, community engagement and position ownership. If those don’t make you tick – what does? Find your fit so that you can bring your best to work. When you compromise, make sure it’s on the little things and not the big things or you’ll be back on the hunt again and too many jobs on your resume ultimately makes getting your dream job impossible.

Michelle DeClerck

President, Conference Event Management



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