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Businesses Seeking Temporary Employment or Increased Workforce

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The Partnership’s DSM Employment Ready initiative includes a tracking list where job seekers can quickly see information on employers actively looking to hire. To be added to this list please contact Sidney Pezley, Program Manager at The Partnership, at spezley@DSMpartnership.com. They will need the following information from your business:

  • Company (Name)
  • Company Contact (Name, Email, Phone)
  • Job Openings (#)
  • Job Skills Needed (List)
  • Where/How to Apply (Link)

Additionally, you are encouraged to create an employer profile on the DSM USA Career Center, where companies can comb through job seeker resumes. Email position openings for the WDM Chamber job board to kara@wdmchamber.org.

If the increased workforce you are seeking includes interns or upcoming college graduates, visit the WDM Chamber’s student resume page to locate candidates. Please send any open position information specifically for students to kara@wdmchamber.org.

You may also consider utilizing a staffing or temp agency to assist you in your immediate hiring needs. As we work together to navigate the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic creates, leveraging a staffing company to hire temporary workers can help you respond to your business’ needs in a rapid and efficient manner. Here are some options:

    • Utilize temporary employees to cover both short-term and long-term labor gaps in response to increased hiring needs or absenteeism of your full-time workforce
    • Reduce unnecessary visitors at your worksite by letting your staffing partner do all the screening and selection
    • Payroll employees through a staffing agency to free up the time of your human resources team to focus on business-critical needs
    • Find a list of staffingtemp agencies and employment agencies
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