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WDM Community Impact Survey

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COVID-19 Member Survey Results

To gain insight to how business leaders are adapting following the recent changes in COVID-19 restrictions, The West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce surveyed area businesses.  Members were asked how their businesses have been impacted, what their plans are for reopening, what staffing decisions they’ve had to make and what resources The West Des Moines Chamber can provide to help.  More in depth answers and feedback will be shown on The West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce website under the COVID-19 resource page.



  • Survey Duration: May 4-8, 2020
  • Total Responses: 74 out of 633 invitations
  • 11.7% response rate


Has the demand for your product or service increased or decreased as a result of COVID-19?

  • Increased (22.97%)
  • Decreased (59.46%)
  • No Change (17.57%)

Has COVID-19 presented new revenue streams for your business that you are able to tap into?

  • Yes (24.32%)
  • No (75.68%)

Is your company on track to achieve year-to-date revenue goals?

  • Above target by 31% or more (1.35%)
  • Above target by 5%-30% (4.05%)
  • Right on track (25.68%)
  • Below target by 5%-30% (35.14%)
  • Below target by 31% or more (33.78%)

What is your projected timeline for opening up your business? (time frames are projected from May 4-8, 2020)

  • Still fully open (58.11%)
  • 1-2 weeks (14.86%)
  • 3-4 weeks (12.16%)
  • 5-6 weeks or more (14.86%)
  • Never as our businesses is unfortunately having to close permanently (0%)
Have you had to layoff, furlough or reduce pay for your workers?
  • Layoff (20.27%)
  • Furlough (18.92%)
  • Reduce Pay (16.22%)
  • None of the above (58.11%)
What is the estimated impact of COVID-19 on your company’s workforce productivity year-to-date?
  • Negative impact, productivity is lower than normal (43.84%)
  • Moderate impact (49.32%)
  • Positive impact, productivity is higher than normal (6.85%)
How is your company handling your summer internship program?
  • Proceeding as planned with no changes (17.81%)
  • Reducing the number of internships (9.59%)
  • Canceling internship program for 2020 (9.59%)
  • Not applicable, we do not have summer internships (63.01%)
How is your company handling new college graduate hires?
  • Proceeding as planned with no changes (35.62%)
  • Reducing the number of college hires (5.48%)
  • Rescinding offers for graduates (2.74%)
  • Not applicable, we do not hire college graduates (56.16%)

What other changes have you made in your hiring plans?

  • Our hiring plans remain the same (52.05%)
  • We are increasing our hiring (6.85%)
  • We have a hiring freeze (41.10%)

Overall, how has COVID-19 changed your businesses?

  • For the better (5.48%)
  • Stayed about the same (31.51%)
  • For the worse (39.73%)
  • Severely impacted (23.29%)

Do you believe your business will be stronger a year from now?

  • Yes (79.45%)
  • No (16.44%)
Has your company been able to reach out into the community to help support those in need during this volatile time by giving back in some manner?
  • Yes we have been able to help give back (66.22%)
  • Unfortunately we are just trying to keep afloat and have not been able to (33.78%)

Have you been able to take advantage of the PPP?

  • Yes we received a PPP loan (50.70%)
  • We applied however we have not received a loan thus far (8.45%)
  • We have not applied/my company is not eligible (40.85%)
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