Welcome to the West

Join us in welcoming Vistage to West Des Moines!

Better leaders. Better decisions. Better results.

It’s still a human world where integrity, experience, and relationships matter. We’re here to connect the most successful CEOs of small and midsize businesses so — together — we can share expertise, challenge one another to think critically and arrive at better decisions.

Through this ongoing collaboration, we build lifelong leadership excellence that elevates companies, strengthens communities, delivers meaningful results and fosters sustainable growth.

For many years, I’ve been a supporter of the WDM Chamber. As a motivational public speaker with 515 Therapy and Consulting, I’ve spoken to the WDM Leadership Academy and was also featured on the “Tina Talks” stage. Recently, I was selected to be a Vistage Chair. Joining the WDM Chamber was an obvious step for me. Vistage is the world’s leading peer advisory group for CEOs and top industry leaders. As I’m building my local Vistage group, I am confident that the WDM Chamber is a perfect partner for me. I look forward to making great connections with like-minded people who are committed to the philosophy that we are better together. I’m excited to serve others and the WDM community through my involvement in the WDM Chamber.

For me, being a Vistage Chair is like holding a precious gift in my hands. My aim is to share the gift of Vistage with CEOs and other top leaders in our community. As a mental health therapist and business consultant with 515 Therapy and Consulting in WDM who has had CEOs as clients, I understand that it can be lonely at the top. Having a tiger-team of peers from non-competing businesses in the community who are deeply committed to their fellow Vistage members, allows CEOs to live their best life, professionally and personally!

My philosophy is embedded in my faith. I believe that God has an amazing and abundant plan for each person. My gift from God is to be a servant leader. Inspiring, encouraging and empowering others to live their best authentic life is my calling and my daily mission.

When I moved to the Des Moines area in 2011, my partner/now wife and I knew we wanted to live in West Des Moines. It’s a community that makes us feel alive and accepted! We have family in West Des Moines and our church family is in West Des Moines- West Des Moines Christian Church. I value and appreciate that WDM is extremely welcoming and inclusive of all and it’s very forward thinking. The WDM Chamber plays a pivitol role in the success of our city. As a mental health therapist, I’m proud to be a part of the 515 Therapy and Consulting team located in WDM.

I’m a firm believer that as leaders, we need to lead with LOVE! There’s so much hatred in the world but LOVE WINS EVERY TIME! I’m a fan of Marcus Buckingham. His new book “Love + Work” is a must-read. Marcus Buckingham is offering an exlcusive webinar for Vistage members (March 1) and Vistage candidates (March 8). If you’re interested in attending, I’d love to have you as my guest.

My wife, Sue, and I love sharing God’s love with everyone God puts in our pathway. We treasure spending time with our children and grandchildren. We are also the moms of two miniature Goldendoodles, Sadie and Snickles, and two kitties, Calvin and Callie. As an animal lover, I also take horseback riding lessons every Saturday morning at AKS Farms in Norwalk.

Learn more about Vistage. Big welcome to Vistage Chair, Ramona Wink and the whole team!

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