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Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results 2018

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 The past summer, the City of West Des Moines conducted its eighth DirectionFinderⓇ survey to assess citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major city services and to help determine priorities for the community as part of the City’s ongoing planning process. Some of the survey findings are included below.

Of the residents surveyed, who had an opinion…

  • 94% were satisfied with overall quality of life in West Des Moines
  • 93% were satisfied with their overall feeling of safety
  • 91% were satisfied with the overall image of the City
  • 92% were satisfied with the quality of police, fire, and emergency services
  • 91% were satisfied with the maintenance of city building and facilities
  • 89% were satisfied with parks, recreation and programs
  • 90% were satisfied with weekly curbside trash collection
  • 88% were satisfied with overall City street cleanliness
  • 88% were satisfied with the Public Library

More good news…

West Des Moines is setting the standard for delivery of city services.  The City rated above the Midwest Regional average in 49 of 51 areas assessed. The City rated significantly higher than the Midwest Regional average in 48 areas including:

  • Overall quality of City services –36% higher
  • City aquatic centers –32% higher
  • Customer service from City employees –30% higher
  • Overall value received for City tax dollars and fees –27% higher
  • Overall quality of City streets system –25% higher

Originally posted by City of West Des Moines.

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