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Five Waters Project

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More splashes. More smiles. Many, many more miles.

The West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department has put forth plans to develop five signature projects that will transform our parks from everyday places – to places of everyday wonder.

Our goal is to give residents and visitors of all ages and abilities new way to paddle, dance, relax, run, explore, climb, cycle, and walk (and more) in the great outdoors. Let’s take a look at how the Five Waters Project will add more life to your life.

Five Waters Project

  1. Civic Campus Amphitheatre

Bringing people together to share inspiring musical performances and creative showcases, the amphitheater will serve as our cultural center, nestled between the neighborhood pond and rolling green hills. The amphitheater project will provide space for food truck parking and lawn seating. Private rentals will also be available.

2. Raccoon River Park Boathouse

Offering visitors more ways to “get their feet wet” in the park and Blue Heron Lake, the state-of-the-art boathouse with restrooms will offer bicycle and boat rentals, including canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, standup paddleboards and more. The boathouse will also serve as a river trail and land trail hub and offer additional parking for easy access to the water.

3. Marathon Loop Trail

Completing a 26.2 mile trail connecting Valley View Park, Southwoods Park, Raccoon River Park and future parks, the loop allows cyclists, walkers, runners, and visitors of all ages and abilities to embrace the outdoors. This nature-friendly project also works to protect wildlife and preserve land for future generations. And the best news is – it’s already 48% complete!

4. Raccoon River Greenway

Protecting land and wildlife while providing additional river access for paddlers on water trails, the greenway also enables camping close to home, as well as the opportunity to rent tiny houses. As if that wasn’t enough, this project also allows exploration of the tree canopy – a whole new way to discover nature.

5. Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge & Great Western Trail Connection

Spanning the beautiful Raccoon River, these bridges will serve as a seamless connections for cyclists and pedestrians from Raccoon River Park to Walnut Woods State Park, Purple Martin Water Resource Area, Hidden Valley Soccer Complex and dozens of miles of green trails.

Originally posted on City of West Des Moines.

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