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We Only Get Today Once

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By Katherine Harrington, President/CEO

What are you going to do? How are you going to use your 365 days wisely and get to where you want to go in 2021? At the WDM Chamber, we are family. You can lean on us and other Chamber members to help propel yourself and your business forward. That’s precisely the reason we are here: to work together to prop each other up and help each other succeed. With 711 Chamber members strong, there is a positive, motivated member that can help you exceed your personal and business goals. Click here to search the full directory. For starters, below is a small sampling of WDM Chamber experts ready to help you.

Need a big dose of positive inspiration? Contact Michele Matt of Inspiring Solutions. She wrote the book (literally) on positivity called “Attitude – The Choice is Yours”. “Forget about the past and stop worrying about the future. You’ve got one chance at making the most of the moment; it will never pass your way again. Appreciate what you have in life and who you have to enjoy it with.” PS – congratulations on your new merger with JER HR Group!

Need to bone up on your sales and leadership skills? Sandler Training, Tero International, Rita Perea, ATW Training Solutions, Carlson Group, Renzo and more can help. Make sure to set your team up for success now and for the future.

Share your appreciation of a client or prospect with a Happy New Year gift. Think Chocolate Storybook, WineStyles, Heart of Iowa Marketplace, yummies from the Urban Cellar Food Market and many more!

Learn how to live harmoniously with work and home. Connect with Wendi Fredregill of Empowered Bridge Mindset Coaching and download her free guide “3 Steps to Be Authentically You”.

Want to build a ‘New You’? Contact Kimberly Price of Be. and check out her “New Body Matrix” where you ditch the rigid diet rules, love your body and build a healthy, active, balanced routine that fits your lifestyle. Or, learn how to eat well, lose weight, and rediscover joy (that we all need right now!) in 2021 with Expedition Wellness.  

Need to get fit in 2021? Nine WDM Chamber members can help you including YogaSix for a sensory yoga experience, Fitness Nomad makes it super easy and they bring fitness at your doorstep, Ferrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping will knock your socks off (and the pounds), Profile by Sanford will keep you healthy and trim.

Splurge on yourself because you’ve worked hard and deserve it. Shop Joseph’s Jewelers, Christopher’s Fine Jewelry, Morrisey Fine Jewelry, 2AU and shop local.

Donate to a favorite non-profit. Did you know that Tallgrass Theatre is moving to the ‘Skate West’ building and is spearheading a capital campaign? You can help make this a reality and see our arts organizations flourish locally.

My 2021 Chamber wish is that you connect with one new WDM Chamber member each month and build a new relationship. If we achieve this goal, that’s 8,532 new connections for our community. Can you imagine how incredible 2021 will be with these new relationships and people helping each other succeed? Let me know how we can help you get to where you want to go in 2021. Cheers to a great and prosperous year and thank you for being part of the WDM Chamber family. 

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