Light DSM Blue

In these unprecedented times, our communities face unparalleled challenges. Almost 60,000 Iowans are unemployed. Small businesses struggle to stay afloat. Face-to-face interactions are restricted to virtual ones as we adjust to this “new normal” in attempt to flatten the curve.

Meanwhile, we have neighbors and loved ones who are called to the front-line where their “new normal” requires them to do the opposite. These essential workers include everyone from law enforcement and public safety officers to food manufacturers and grocery store workers. Additionally, we have those working in the industry with the most direct threat of exposure—healthcare.


As many of us are asked to stay in our homes, these brave individuals leave theirs to fight on the front-line day after day. The percentage of COVID-19 cases among healthcare workers in particular rises every day—now at 25% for the cases in our state. As a community, we need to support these brave individuals. Viral videos have shown neighborhoods welcoming home a doctor from their shift with loud cheers and bright signs. How do we extend this appreciation to the nurses going in for their night shift once the neighborhood has gone to sleep?

blue porch

The notion of a blue porch light was present a few years ago to show support for police officers fighting to protect our communities. Healthcare workers, now more than ever, are fighting to do the same.

We are asking the community to get those blue lights out once again. Blue represents health, knowledge, and seriousness. The seriousness of this pandemic is widespread, and we are relying on the knowledge of front-line workers to lead us to better health. 

If you don’t have a blue lightbulb, consider purchasing one from a local store. You can also print the kids’ coloring pages below to hang in a window to show support.

Coloring Pages

Add a photo of your lights or colored pages to social media to continue that spread of support outside your own neighborhood. Use the hashtags #DSMstrong and #lightDSMblue. 

In these unprecedented times of struggle, let’s demonstrate that our #DSMstrong community has an unparalleled level of support for one another. Let’s light the night sky blue to honor brave front-line community members fighting for our safety and health.

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