Welcome to the West!

Join us in welcoming Raccoon River Press to West Des Moines! 

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Raccoon River Press
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Want to know what some new reads are or check out something perfect for “spooky season?” Maybe you want to be a part of a book club or read more about Hispanic Heritage Month? Raccoon River Press has you covered! Whether you’re looking for the latest best seller, rounding up texts for your school’s required reading list, or even have the dream of publishing something yourself, they are here for you. Books are available in-person at local pop-up events, through local delivery, or can be shipped directly to you!

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Let’s dive deeper! Hear from owner Jena Best (she/her):

I’ve lived in West Des Moines since 2014 and have grown to love the community. There are so many cool local businesses, and I wanted to be part of this amazing atmosphere by offering a type of business that is absent – a local bookstore!

Beyond offering a small, local place to find your favorite best seller, I am excited to offer unique titles that you can’t find at your big box stores. I also love sourcing special titles just for our community members! Oh, and did I mention that Raccoon River Press is also an independent publisher? We here at the Press are thrilled about the prospect of bringing a local publishing outfit to the Metro; and the community response has been overwhelmingly positive – there are lots of writers in this community!

Raccoon River Press is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for! There is an assortment of titles kept “in stock”, but really, we are here for you. If you want books by your favorite author, a new topic to explore, or that perfect literary gift for a loved one, we want to help you find it! Our publication team is entirely composed of freelance editors, artists, and illustrators, so while we are small, we hope to be mighty and bring you the best we can!

There is such an amazing mix of people here in West Des Moines, and so many fun things to do. I’m so pleased to be able to raise my family here in such a diverse and supportive community.

Of course! Raccoon River Press is currently a staff of 1, and I’m not a big podcast person. But I read a lot and have too many favorites to list! Right now, I’m really recommending a few different titles for different reasons. For a fun, spooky read, I’m really digging “The Final Girl Support Group” by Grady Hendrix (I just love 80s/90s slasher flicks). My current non-fiction read is “The Woman They Could Not Silence” by Kate Moore, and it is so well done and such an important piece of largely undiscussed history. 

I live here in West Des Moines with my husband (Adam) and our son (Lochlan) and our two dogs (Mya & Piper). My background is in biology, and you may have seen my college intern work on Shark Week back in the day! You can also find me outside of book events – join me dark & early for a morning workout at CycleBar or afterwards for your caffeine fix as your friendly neighborhood barista!

Learn more about Raccoon River Press today. Welcome to West Des Moines!

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