Welcome to the West

Join us in welcoming Pulse Dance and Fitness Studio to West Des Moines!


I grew up in West Des Moines/Clive. While I moved away for a period of time after college to pursue my career in Chicago and Boston, I knew upon moving back to Iowa that this is where I wanted to buy a home and raise my now family. It is an area that I am very familiar with. I have watched West Des Moines grow and flourish over my 36 years. I remember when this Jordan Creek shopping district where our studio is located at was mostly fields and now it is a booming epicenter of retail activity. We are so excited to be part of that mix! Our clients want convenience. They want to be able to take a group fitness class near their home or work, easily pull into our free, plentiful parking lot and then run a quick errand at a nearby store after class. We can offer our clients all of those conveniences here in West Des Moines. 

Pulse is a dance based fitness studio for adults. While other gyms and studios may offer occasional dance related classes on their schedules, we specialize in dance fitness. We offer 45 minute dance inspired fitness classes designed to get your heart rate up and sculpt your muscles all while being set to the beat of energizing, curated playlists. Most of all, we believe exercise should be fun! We also sell trendy and stylish fitness clothing and accessories in our retail section of our lobby.

Our mission at Pulse Dance Fitness Studio is to provide heart pumping, exhilarating and challenging fitness classes set to the beat in a fun & motivating atmosphere. We encourage women and men to enjoy and (gasp!) even look forward to their workouts. We celebrate strong & healthy bodies. We want students to view their time at the studio as much needed “Me Time”. We create positive vibes through dance and music which lifts our students’ moods transcending the studio walls. We are welcoming to all levels of dancers and non-dancers and encourage students to get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves in new ways. We build community and a support network at our studio by encouraging students to cultivate deep and lasting friendships in class along with a positive relationship with their own body.

What I have always loved about the West Des Moines community is our excitement and willingness to try something new. The people of West Des Moines are cultured and are aware of opportunities that larger cities around the country can offer to their communities. So when something new and interesting comes to West Des Moines, we are open minded and anxious to try it out and if we have a positive experience, we can be a loyal group of supporters. 

Pulse Dance Fitness Studio is a local, independently owned, female founded fitness studio. As the owner, I have 15 years of professional dance training plus over 11 years of fitness instructional experience from around the country. I look forward to spreading my love and knowledge of dance fitness with the West Des Moines community. Pulse Dance Fitness Studio is my happy place and I look forward to making it yours as well! Be sure to join us for our ribbon cutting on Friday, February 24th at 3pm!

Learn more. Big welcome to Pulse Dance Fitness Studio!

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