Welcome to the West

live hydration spa

Join us in welcoming LIVE Hydration Spa!


Hear from Owner Daniel Ferrer:

When we first moved to Iowa 15 years ago from Tennessee, we landed in West Des Moines. It was where we made a home, and we always said we wanted to launch our first location in WDM when we started a business. Today we live in Waukee, so we picked a location that was on the boarder of two great communities!

Our Spa will support a variety of wellness services including Ionic Foot Baths, an Oxygen bar, IV Therapy, Direct Care, Hormone Therapy, Lab Draws, along with Botox and Fillers. We are most excited about IV Therapy (supplementation via IV, not just fluids) because it is a service that is readily available in many larger markets in the U.S. but still relatively new to Iowa. IV supplementation can help reduce inflammation, pain, boost immunity, support recovery and much more!

Our primary focus is to offer the highest level of care in a spa-like setting and create an experience for our clients. We want to be a partner to both our patients and the local medical community and support continuity of care to drive the best results for our customers. In addition to reviewing medical history and asking questions, our medical staff will also coordinate with Primary Care Providers and Specialist as needed.

While all of our communities in Central Iowa are fantastic, WDM is the epicenter of all of it. Who doesn’t want to be in the middle of the action?!

My wife and I really enjoyed listening to the book on tape “Think Like a Monk” by Jay Shetty. In that book, he talks about the importance of finding your “dharma” which loosely translate to purpose. That book inspired us to find our own dharma which led us down the path of starting Live Hydration Spa West Des Moines so we could build something bigger than us and help our community.

Over the next 5 years, we will be helping launch 8-10 locations around Iowa. We are planning on an early July Grand Opening, but in the meantime, we are offering services by appointment at our temporary location at:

Phenix Salon Suites
2900 University Ave, Suite 160
West Des Moines IA, 50266   


Learn more about LIVE Hydration Spa today. Big welcome to Daniel, his wife and the whole team!

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