Welcome to the West!

Join us in welcoming Known Labs!

Known Labs is a creative film and video production company. They shoot, film and edit commercials for companies all across the US. Check out their highlight reel from 2021 to get a taste of some of their work. 

Hear from Founder Mark Smith:

We started producing videos because we realized a few things. The first is that there are a lot of businesses out there that are awesome, but they have the problem of obscurity. No one knows about them.

The second thing we noticed is that most companies don’t understand how to use video once it’s done: how to distribute it for the best results, how to create things that people watch, and how to make the investment into video worth it.

The last thing we noticed is that you don’t need a 50-man production team with a million lights, 6-figure cameras and lenses. and all of that overhead to shoot amazing content.

That’s why we created Known.

We chose West Des Moines because it puts us around what we consider the most innovative part of the metro. The people we’re around are all forward thinking and that energy is contagious. It has helped us become thought leaders in our own right, which has helped our business grow.

Our services include product videos, testimonials, educational videos, and more. People should know you exist. We help businesses use video to make sure that happens. 

Our job is to bring your ideas to life. We also like to have a blast while doing it! 

Some of our name brands they have worked with include The Kansas City Chiefs, Facebook, Hy-Vee, Truly and so many more. We hope to add yours to that list!

Learn more about Known Labs today. Welcome, Mark and team!

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