Welcome to the West

Join us in welcoming Hyper Energy Bar!

Hyper WDSM   Groundbreaking 1

“We’re a young brand but our roots run deep. Our craft is firmly rooted in hospitality and genuine quality. Our love of providing the best flavors and the best service led us on our journey to create Hyper Energy Bar™.

At Hyper we strive for more than just providing your drink exactly as you like, we strive to hype up your day. Our Energistas™ cue up their favorite playlists, crank up the volume and sling your drinks with flair.
Hyper – Fast, Friendly and Fantastic!

While traditional coffee bars just exist, Hyper Energy Bars exist with a vibe of energetic differentiation. Hyper Energy Bar’s hand-crafted coffee and infused energy drinks are sure to keep you hyped at any point throughout your day.

West Des Moines was an obvious choice for our next location because there is an all-day vibe. Always something new and exciting happening and that is what Hyper is all about!

Our signature products are our Hyper Infused energy drinks. We have an amazing coffee and smoothie menu too! 

Everything we do at Hyper is customer focused. We talk to you face to face and get to know you. Making friends and getting you Hyped is the key component of our values.

I love living here and seeing the amazing growth in every metric. Its a great place for family, business, and fun.

Keep an eye out for an announcement about our grand opening in the next couple weeks; we’ll be doing discounts and raising money for WDMS and Dowling!

Learn more about Hyper Energy Bar. Big welcome to Chris Whalen and the whole team!

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