Welcome to the West

Join us in welcoming Coffee for a Cause!

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Coffee for a Cause’s vision is that of a thriving humanity – something we can only achieve through the relentless pursuit of equity. Equity, versus equality, takes into account individual circumstances, providing people and communities with the resources they really need. They invest in four key issue areas surrounding reentry and at-promise youth. They believe that together, they help lay the groundwork for equity. These are transportation, housing, education and employment.

Hear from Walter Juarez , Co-Owner: 

We participated in the Black & Brown Business Summit 22′ event hosted by the WDM Chamber. We loved every bit of it. The WDM Chamber team goes above & beyond helping businesses grow in our community

We are excited to offer our Youth Entrepreneurship Incubator Program this winter, along with Coffee Tasting Courses to keep everyone warm & caffeinated! 

There’s a solution for everyone’s needs! 

They genuinely care about supporting local businesses. 

We are opening our Coffee For A Cause HQ in downtown Des Moines ISB November 1st 2022. We will be located at 505 Fifth Ave in Suite 250 on Floor 2. Check out our website for more details! 

Learn more about Coffee for a Cause. Big welcome to Water Juarez and the whole team at Coffee for a Cause! 

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