Welcome to the West

Join us in welcoming 9Round Fitness!

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Hear from Owner & Trainer Suzie Bean:

Whenever we talked about opening a business, it was always with the intent to be in West Des Moines. We moved to WDM from DSM a little over 18 years ago and we’ve always loved it. Opening a business near where we live was one of our best decisions for the business. The community is fantastic and the demographics for a business like us is great! 

We are excited every time we can share our love of kickboxing and boxing basics, especially on teaching more and more people how to hit a speed bag like Rocky! We also offer nutrition guidance, and we do our best to keep our members accountable in hitting fitness goals. 

Our motto is “Making Members Stronger, in 30 minutes, physically and mentally.” We strive to give every member, no matter their fitness level, a killer workout with no judgement and in a welcoming environment.

The friendly community and all the different varieties of businesses that surround us!

At 9Round we always hear 3 main comments/feedback:

1. workouts are fantastic and having the workout change every day is challenging and exciting;

2. no class times are my favorite! Coming in on my time to get a workout in (with a trainer every time) is a game changer with my busy schedule;

3. the trainers are motivating, knowledgeable, and welcoming! 

Learn more about 9Round Fitness. Big welcome to Suzie and the team! 

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