Welcome to the West!

Join us in welcoming Avimoe Workplace Consultants to West Des Moines! 

Avimoe is all about strategic workforce solutions designed for YOU. They are experienced strategic consultants who provide workforce solutions to businesses virtually. 


Enhanced staffing industry experience of their leadership is what allows them to recommend strategies to optimize your workforce.


Engaged partnerships is what they seek. The long-term strategic approach is what delivers the best results.


Employed is the goal. With their experience and your partnership, they will strategically help you employ and retain the right people in the right seat.

Let’s dive deeper! Hear from Aleksandra Lukic:

As West Des Moines continues to grow by adding housing and businesses, it creates opportunities for everyone. We chose West Des Moines for its diverse industries, being on the top 100 places to live, its economy, and a convenient location for our clients. We know West Des Moines is a hub and people come here to shop and do business anyway, so we fit right in!

Avimoe offers a diverse suite of solutions to our clients that are tailored specific to their needs. We are an HR Outsourcing company that focuses on Recruiting and Retention. Our enhanced staffing experience of our leadership, versatile Talent Consultants and seasoned Workforce Consultants allow us to optimize, engage, recruit, and retain our local business’ most important asset – the people.

At Avimoe, we help YOU take care of the PEOPLE who take care of your BUSINESS. We strive to create lifelong relationships and partnerships virtually.

The culture and people involved are our top likes. A community cannot grow without willing participants. Next would be the feeling of being safe and at home. We want our clients and employees to feel at ease while building relationships and doing business.

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

The 10x Rule by Grand Cardone

Good To Great by Jim Collins

Lunchmeat & Life Lessons: Sharing a Butcher’s Wisdom by Mary B. Lucas

Learn more about Avimoe today. Welcome to West Des Moines, Aleksandra and team!