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Member Spotlight: Infinite Resources

Infinite Resources

“As an immigrant owned staffing agency here in Des Moines, we have come to understand our “why” in the truest form.  When we are interviewing candidates, we understand them, we know them, they are us and we are them.  They are our uncles, our aunts, cousins, brother, sisters, mom and dad, our best friends, and our neighbors. We naturally identify and connect with them. We understand their struggle and their eagerness to work and work hard. This is what gives us the advantage to serve our clients with the best and hardest working talent pool in the labor force. Our youth are now graduating from college at a higher rate, and as the demographics continue to change, our people are gravitating towards us as their #1 firm to help them with their job search. As corporate America, and the business community in general seeks to diversify their work force, Infinite Resources is bridging that gap and filling that vacuum of diverse talent in entry level to mid-level and upper management in any industry.  We know where we stand, and we stand firm behind our people.”

— Amner Martinez, Founder & CEO | Infinite Resources

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