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Awards Application

The application window for the 2022 DEI Awards closed on July 17.

Application Requirements:

To be considered, the company/organization or individual nominated must show strong evidence of specific work that accomplishes one or more of the following:

  • Significantly promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, and cultural competency development among the company/organization and/or within the community of West Des Moines and/or region at large.
  • Addresses important areas of diversity, equity and inclusion such as recruitment of talent, retention of employees, organizational work climate and/or community outreach.
  • Leads initiatives in capturing outcomes of increased awareness, understanding or promoting diversity at your organization and in the community.
  • Implements steps toward fostering diversity in the workplace with programs that maximize the potential of all people.
  • Creates partnerships between managers and employees to resolve diversity workplace issues.
  • Promotes diversity in the workplace and/or in the community.
  • Improves cultural competency through company/organization and/or community initiatives.
  • If you are a company, you have a supplier diversity program and/or you work with suppliers of color and they are included in your purchasing plan & pipelines OR you are deliberately working on this area and ways to help grow the economics of the BIPOC community.   

Judges Panel & Criteria:

When assessing the company/organization or individual’s community-related projects, the blue ribbon panel of judges will look at initiatives that involve the following efforts:

  • Provide support to community-based diversity programs designed to improve cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Take a proactive role in local diversity and minority issues by, for example, building relationships with diversity community advisory councils or educating citizens on matters of diversity disparities.
  • Encourage volunteerism in the community that helps to elevate cultural connections; participate in community diversity outreach programs that help others learn more about the positive role that diversity plays.

Application Form:

NOTE: Application letter should highlight how the organization/individual significantly promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion and cultural competency development in the workplace. Include details on programs and initiatives, including reference materials and documents. MAX WORD COUNT: 400. Up to 3 supporting documents allowed. 

Questions? Reach out to Kara Matheson, VP of Workforce Development & Culture. 

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